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At HIRD, we go beyond simple hiring and recruitment; we become your strategic partner in maximizing the potential of an individual. Our all-encompassing services, which cover the whole recruiting cycle, are created to improve your staff and promote commercial success. Here, we are not just recruiters; we are partners invested in your growth. Our comprehensive solutions, strategic approach, and dedication to excellence make us your go-to choice for all your recruiting and hiring needs. Let us help you to shape your workforce and drive your company’s success forward.

Our History

Operations commenced in India.

  • 2020

Expanded to India and the US.

  • 2021

Operating across India, US, Canada, UAE, and the Philippines.

  • 2022



  • Integrity: The Pillar of our Actions and Decisions
  • Respect: Valuing the Dignity and Worth of Every Individual
  • Trust: The Cornerstone of Lasting Relationships


These serve as the foundation for HIRD’s core values. As we go ahead, bringing about development, transformation, and long-lasting connections that have an impact on the recruiting and hiring industry, we hold ourselves accountable to these values.


Awards & Certifications

Hird Was awarded for Business Excellence Awards 2022 by Knowledge chamber of commerce and industry as leading Hiring firm of the year 2022

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